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R349 Internet

Get reliable high-speed satellite internet anywhere in SA

Why Choose Us?

Very Easy Process

You no longer need to wait weeks for the installation, no matter where you are. No need for fixed lines or mobile signals. 

Perfect for Home and Remote Workers

Available in a range of packages tailored for home and business use.  Ideal for VoIP calls, video streaming, and conferencing.

Not Data Limits

This is fully uncapped internet with no limits, restrictions, downtime and slow connection. Guaranteed 24/7 up time with monthly check ups done for free of charge by us.

Your #1 Choice For Satellite Internet

Break free from internet problems and have a permanent uncapped two way connection to the Internet. Enjoy always-on, fast, satellite internet access whenever you need it – no issues with cable theft and phone lines. Save many hours delay downloading large files, surf the web, download e-mail. No more waiting for your connection.

No Contract

Up to 175mbps

Hardware Included

Most Popular Bundles

The service uses a small satellite dish at your premises connected to a modem to provide two-way access to the internet at speeds comparable to terrestrial broadband networks. The service operates independently of the terrestrial networks and can support multiple client computers at your location.

What People Are Saying About Divi

Our customers can tell you more, we value and guarantee the best services.

“I was using one of the best local networks for internet, and it has been very expensive, I always had to buy data and in my area, we had no fibre, then a friend referred me to onesconnect, the prices are just so low compared to what I am getting, this is just the best.”

Customer Since 2018

“Just as we got into lockdown, I started working from home and I had no reliable internet nor Fibre, LTE was just expensive, I saw onesconnect advert on Facebook, full of promises they actually did deliver, I am happy with the internet and the VPN”

Customer Since 2020

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